Hiromi Trio Project in Las Vegas, 11/12/2016


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while… I have been very busy since then and I finally decided to finish this post. I mentioned previously that I am a huge fan of Hiromi. I flew out to NYC to see Hiromi at Blue Note in July, which was a magical experience, and a few weeks later, I found out that she will be performing in Las Vegas with her Trio Project!! I hesitated a lot before deciding to drive to Vegas because of many “valid” reasons, including money situation, my busy schedule as a PhD student, and the list goes on. However, I had a friend who was willing to come with me and because I really desired to go, I decided to do it, and I am so glad I went.

This show was for her most recent album, Spark. So far, I loved all her albums, but I really liked her previous album, Alive. This album had a similar taste and style like all her records, but she tried some different things, which I appreciated. She started the show by playing “Spark”, which was so powerful. Too bad Anthony Jackson couldn’t be there, but I hope he’s recovering nicely! The sub for Anthony was Hadrien Feraud – I didn’t know who he is until I saw him for this show. He had pretty groovy bass lines, which I really liked! They played all the tunes in Spark album except for “What Will Be, Will Be”, and also played “Player” in her Alive and “Move” in her Move. The set list was perfect. I also was extremely lucky to sit right in the middle of second row, so I was right in front of her!! Why can’t my eyes record everything? Maybe the future technology will allow human beings to record shows using our eyes and ears. (Seriously, though.) It is no doubt that her technique is one of the best in the world, but every time I see her flying through those keys, my jaw drops and I’m in the awe state. And that’s the beauty of seeing her live. I can’t think of anything else but just watch her play her keys. She invites me and the audience to her musical world when she performs. It’s magical. MAGICAL. Lots to learn and lots of respect.

When her most recent trio album Spark came out, I instantly fell in love with her solo track “Wake Up And Dream” so I transcribed the head right away. It spoke to me so much, like her many other compositions did. I listened to it everyday for a while and every time I listened to that tune, I had different thoughts and different inspirations. I really hoped that she would play this tune when I saw her at Blue Note in NYC this July, but she played other solo tunes she wrote for her solo album. BUT! She played this for the first tune after the intermission!! I had a feeling that she would play this when she came out by herself, and when she started playing, I melted. I listened to her play this tune live, right in front of me, that’s like literally waking up and dreaming!! I was deeply moved and inspired.

She has so much power and energy because she puts all her heart and energy into every tune she plays during her performance, and she played about 2 hours with so much energy! After the show, she signed CDs and met with the audience, and of course, I would get in the line, all excited. I got to tell her that I really appreciate her playing my personal favorite, “Wake Up And Dream”, and I also told her that I really love her music. Then I got 4th autograph of hers on my bullet journal and 4th photo together!! Man, she’s going to think I’m a creepy stalker hahaha. But I can’t help it because she is my role model and I want to play and produce music like her! I am so glad I went to Vegas just for this show, and I can’t wait to see her again, already!!


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